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Setting Trends

Mary's Other Little Lamb - 14.00 " tall by 14.00 " wide, oil on canvas

Artist: Leslie Anthony

"My art has evolved so much over the last few years from very controlled to a flowing loose stroke. One thing I did learn was that I had no talent for copying the masters so began working with my strengths to paint outside the lines, or to paint where there are no lines at all. This opened a door for my painterly mind. I start with an under painting of mostly transparent paints, allowing it to drip down the canvas to get an always unexpected texture before pursuing the main composition, thus allowing the background to impose on the main subject. This technique has evolved rather quickly for me and gives an individual quality to my work which I am very excited about. Although when I think about it, in my early paintings in the 70's drip painting was my favorite and I still have some of them tucked away. I paint mostly animals. I love their form, action and liveliness. I do take many of my own photographs or borrow from friends then I place them in interesting compositions on the canvas intending that they are not static, but a part of the wholeness of themselves and nature, sometimes fitting comfortably within the framework of the canvas and sometimes not. I now have another challenge ahead, to work to paint nature with or without my menagerie. I guess we will have to wait and see if that actually happens." - Leslie Anthony